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Often times, our clients and prospects come to National Concrete Preservation with a reactive need for their property. Much of these emergency/rush actions on the part of our clients can most often be effectively planned for and handled appropirately prior to the point when it becomes an emergency project. This Help Center is designed to offer guidance and advice to property owners, municipalities, managers, landlords and homeowners. Learning what issues will eventually effect your structure is critical in effectively planning and budgeting for future structural integrity. You can browse our help center topics by market and structure type below.


  Continuing Education with National Concrete Preservation

National Concrete Preservation, in partnership with Edison State College, now offers online continuing education units. We are currently offering Community Association Managers Program (CAMP) courses. We invite you to learn more about these valuable and engaging courses.

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Topic of the Month: Florida 40-Year Building Recertifications

Did you know that according to the Florida Building Code a building must undergo a "Required Building Safety Inspection" when it turns 40 years old? What does this mean for this particular association?
  1. Within 90 days from the receipt of the Notice, a Florida Registered Architect or Engineer must inspect the property and submit a sealed Building Safety Inspection Certification Form to the City;
  2. The submitted package must include 1 structural package, 1 electrical package, a permit application and the correct box checked indicating either "Repairs Required" or "No Repairs Needed";
  3. The report must be phsyically dropped off at the City with a $200.00 payment (mailed in reports are not accepted);
  4. If the building is determined to be safe, the association will not be required to have another Building Safety Inspection for ten years. If the report indicates there are structural or electrical deficiencies, the association will have 180 days to obtain the necessary permits and complete the necessary repairs;
  5. If the association fails to submit the required recertification form, a Notice of Violation and a Notice of Hearing will be issued and significant penalties may ensue; and
  6. Extensions can be granted and approved on a case-by-case basis.
Even if you did a complete interior demolition and renovation of your building, you are still not exempt from the 40 year Building Safety Program. Only if your entire building had been demolished would the inspection be waived. The city does not send out an inspector to your property. The city's review is totally based on the architect's report; the architect's seal certifies the integrity of the report and any necessary repairs stated by the Architect will be required by the city.

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Did You Know?

Even if your structure or building is not due for it's 40-year recertification, the county can still mandate that your structure or building is unsafe. Each county has an Unsafe Structures Board which acts as an advisory committee that reviews the decision of Building Officials regarding buildings considered unsafe.

The Unsafe Structures Board meets periodically to hear cases submitted by the Building Officials or through appeals requested by homeowners or other interested parties. It is important that you maintain a safe structure or building for the safety of your occupants and the general public. If you have questions or have received inquiries from your tenants or the county, call us at 866.546.8113 to discuss your options for evaluating and bringing your property up to code.

Some of the properties that we have worked on to bring their structures back up to code and are safe to occupy are as follows:

Bay Garden Manor Condominium
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Royal Club Condominium, Miami Beach
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Miami Beach City Hall, Miami Beach
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  Safety360 at National Concrete

We strive to actively operate in a manner that promotes the safety and well being of our employees, residents and the general public.

National Concrete educates all its employees in safety, quality workmanship and the latest techniques in the construction industry. Our in-house Safety Director is an authorized OSHA Trainer for the Construction Industry who holds the OSHA 500 Certification. All of our Foremen and Supervisors have completed a 30-hour OSHA safety certification program and all Skilled Laborers have completed a 10-hour OSHA safety certification program.

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Learn About Our Processes & Materials
We are a specialty contractor that uses state-of-the-art products and methods for repairing and preserving concrete and masonry structures for their lifetime. We invite you to learn more about the processes and materials that we utilize in our projects.

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Continuing Education Presentations
As part of our ongoing education of our clients and the concrete restoration industry as a whole, we encourage you to read our educational presentations to gain insights about structural restoration.

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