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Due to both the wear and element-induced damage to structural integrity of bridges, it is necessary over time to provide maintenance and restoration services to bridges throughout the area. The most common services include water-proof membranes and carbon fiber injection where columns are located in the water both above and below the water lineand both column and slab restoration.


  Bridges Featured Work

Project: Buttonwood Bridge

This federal funded project consisted of multi-tiered concrete repairs including column repair, overhead repairs as well as reinforcement of the end-caps (support walls on either end of the bridge). During the final phase, NCP utilized Specialty methods including epoxy injection and carbon fiber reinforcement polymer wrap (CFRP) ensuring the long term preservation of the support pilings while maintaining the integrity of the structure.

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Project: Sunset Harbor & Henedon Bridges

NCP performed structural reinforcement to pilings. Additionally, the columns and overhead slabs were repaired using an epoxy injection method. While working on the prospective bridges, traffic on the waterway canal, as well as, vehicular roadway traffic was undisturbed.

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Project: Spring Creek Bridge

This project included removal and replacement of pavers, pre-cast columns, beams, and aluminum railings and asphalt. Additionally, epoxy injection was utilized as well as concrete restoration and Tremco hot apply waterproofing method.

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At National Concrete, we understand that there are many important and legal requirements that must be adhered to for property owners, managers and builders in Florida.

Below is our most recent Help Center posting regarding 40-year recertifications in the State of Florida.

Florida 40-Year Building Recertifications
Did you know that according to the Florida Building Code a building must undergo a "Required Building Safety Inspection" when it turns 40 years old?

Even if you did a complete interior demolition and renovation of your building, you are still not exempt from the 40 year Building Safety Program. Only if your entire building had been demolished would the inspection be waived. The city does not send out an inspector to your property.

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