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State License #CGC150-4409


Case Study: 5600 Condominium Association
5600 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140

Budget: $4 million
Category: Condominium/High-Rise


  Notable Project Highlights

This project included the use of the following National Concrete Preservation services & processes:

Concrete Restoration (building/garage)
Balcony Railing (removal replacement)
Balcony Waterproofing (urethane)
Sea wall Concrete repairs
Painting and Waterproofing (urethane)
Planter Waterpoofing (hot applied)

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  Our Help Center

At National Concrete, we understand that there are many important and legal requirements that must be adhered to for property owners, managers and builders in Florida.

Below is our most recent Help Center posting regarding 40-year recertifications in the State of Florida.

Florida 40-Year Building Recertifications
Did you know that according to the Florida Building Code a building must undergo a "Required Building Safety Inspection" when it turns 40 years old?

Even if you did a complete interior demolition and renovation of your building, you are still not exempt from the 40 year Building Safety Program. Only if your entire building had been demolished would the inspection be waived. The city does not send out an inspector to your property.

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